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With most bookings on the designerex ™ platform, you will also receive a Designerex™ Auspost Express Post Pre-Paid Label, for a Lender when Sending a Dress, as well as for a Renter when Returning a Dress.

Whether an Express Post label or an Express Post satchel, we always suggest you only post via a fast Express Post service.

Most designer dresses will fit into a plain Medium Satchel or a small Express Post satchel, both available from your local post office or your own secure packaging.

(Designerex™ Auspost Express Post Pre-Paid Labels will be provided for Dresses that have been selected to use the suggested shipping price, during the easy 4-step Listing on designerex™. If instead, a Lender enters their own Custom shipping prices when Listing their Dress, then you will not be provided with pre-paid labels).

Designerex™ Auspost Express Post Pre-Paid Labels are available in your dashboard.

They can be simply scanned and printed at your local Post Office (if you don’t have a printer), or can be printed and placed on your packaging at home. (Ensure you place and package your item securely, up to a maximum of 5kg)

If you are a Renter and you don’t see a Designerex™ Auspost Express Post Pre-paid Label in your dashboard, please look out for a return satchel with your dress, or simply attend the Post Office and return it in an Express Post satchel.

If you have used Designerex™ 3-Hour Delivery for the initial Sending of the dress, then it is typically Returned via Post with your Designerex™ Auspost Express Post Pre-Paid Label.

Through our leading technology and partnerships, by providing you with Designerex™ Auspost Express Post Pre-paid Labels, we make it even easier than ever to maximise your bookings & earnings for Lenders or to maximise & make as easy as possible, the number of accessible designer outfits on-demand for Renters & take advantage of designerex™:

  • Designerex™ Auspost Express Post Pre-paid Labels enable Lenders to maximise their bookings and send a Dress without any upfront cost outlay for shipping
  • Designerex™ Auspost Express Post Pre-paid Labels enable Lenders and Renters to scan at the Post Office or print labels that have pre-filled addresses, making it quicker and easier.

When travelling, designer dresses like to be wrapped in tissue paper and this goes a long way towards giving Renters a wonderful experience. Tissue paper is easily available from newsagents or supermarkets.

Trust & Security

designerex™ is built on trusted relationships between Renters and Lenders through the use of online ID Verification Technology ensuring authenticity,
Reviews after each transaction, a Private Messaging system and a Cashless Secure Payment Gateway. Renting and Lending through the designerex™
platform is the most secure, safe and smart way to wear and make money by sharing your designer pieces with other women.

Id verification
ID Verification Technology

Real-time scanning of ID such
as a Driver's License or Passport

Peer to peer
Private Messaging

Built-in private messaging that enables you to
directly communicate with Lenders and Renters

Secure payment
Payment Gateway

Secure payments for all your
reservations and all payouts to you.

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