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Acler Blue rental
Affordable Blue Acler
Formal rental Acler Atholton Midi Dress
Cheap designer Acler Atholton Midi Dress
Rental Blue Acler
$170 Rent ($595 RRP)
For rent a Brown Rat & Boa
Rat & Boa Brown to borrow
Rental Brown Rat & Boa
Rent a Rat & Boa Jonas Set
$120 Rent ($570 RRP)
Rental Natalie Rolt Shontae Dress
Designer rental Natalie Rolt Shontae Dress
Cheap designer White Natalie Rolt
Rent a White Natalie Rolt
$140 Rent ($580 RRP)
Loan a Aya Muse Nula Dress
Aya Muse Black to borrow
For rent a Black Aya Muse
Aya Muse Black to lend
$120 Rent ($1100 RRP)
Borrow a Other House Of Cb
House Of Cb Other to rent
Rent a Other House Of Cb
Affordable Other House Of Cb
$115 Rent ($430 RRP)
Borrow a Yellow Ronny Kobo
Affordable Yellow Ronny Kobo
Ronny Kobo Yellow for lend
Rental Ronny Kobo Asa Dress
$120 Rent ($795 RRP)
Sir Red to rent
Sir Red to loan
Loan a Red Sir
$100 Rent ($450 RRP)
Rat And Boa Pink to loan
Rent a Rat And Boa Pascala Dress
Rat And Boa Pink to lend
$135 Rent ($390 RRP)
Rental Alemais Meagan Mini Dress
Affordable Other Alemais
Borrow a Other Alemais
Alemais Other to loan
$205 Rent ($400 RRP)
Affordable Other Alemais
Designer rental Other Alemais
Alemais Other to loan
Cheap designer Alemais Evergreen Midi Dress
Alemais Other for loan
$255 Rent ($769 RRP)

Wollongong has a long association with the fashion industry. For decades the Illawarra region was a manufacturing hub for many Australian brands. And while the industrial sewing machines may have stopped running, the city’s fashion scene continues to hum. Find leading fashion brands to rent in Wollongong from the largest peer-to-peer dress sharing platform. Wollongong’s fashion scene is popular with Australian brands such as Zimmermann, Bec & Bridge, Scanlan Theodore, Thurley and Alice McCall. You’ll also find international brands including Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain and Alexander McQueen. Wollongong’s social scene centres around its relaxed-yet-refined beachside lifestyle. The city’s burgeoning food and culture scene offers plenty of opportunities to discover something new. And when the sun goes down, beachside restaurants are popular for cocktails and fine dining. No matter the social occasion, find your dress to rent with Designerex. Rent or lend designer dresses including party dresses, formal dresses, prom dresses and racewear. The Designerex platform uses the latest in peer-to-peer sharing technology tools with real-time ID verification and a private dashboard to keep track of reservations. And with Afterpay and Zipay as options, you can wear now, pay later.

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