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Designer rental Ph5 Mia Signature Wavy Dress
Ph5 Purple for lend
Rental Ph5 Mia Signature Wavy Dress
$225 Rent ($745 RRP)
Alemais Pink to borrow
Alemais Pink for lend
Alemais Pink to hire
Alemais Pink to loan
Alemais Pink to loan
Loan a Pink Alemais
$275 Rent ($1100 RRP)
Babyboo Fashion Grey for hire
Babyboo Fashion Grey to borrow
$65 Rent ($250 RRP)
Melani The Label Black to hire
Affordable Black Melani The Label
Affordable Melani The Label Jiani
Melani The Label Black to hire
$90 Rent ($250 RRP)
Aje Yellow for loan
Aje Yellow to hire
Affordable Aje Energy Mini Dress
$135 Rent ($525 RRP)
Cheap designer Deconduarte Lago Gown
Deconduarte Silver to loan
Formal rental Silver Deconduarte
$125 Rent ($400 RRP)
Rent a Green Rat & Boa
Hire a Rat & Boa Narcissa Dress
Rat & Boa Green to hire
$180 Rent ($495 RRP)
Rat And Boa Black for rent
Designer rental Rat And Boa Giulia Dress
Hire a Rat And Boa Giulia Dress
$190 Rent ($585 RRP)
Affordable Rat And Boa Verona Dress
Rat And Boa Pink to rent
Affordable Pink Rat And Boa
$190 Rent ($535 RRP)
Rat And Boa Pink for rent
Borrow a Pink Rat And Boa
For rent a Rat And Boa Solaris Dress
$180 Rent ($495 RRP)
Designer rental Purple Zimmermann
Loan a Zimmermann Utility Playsuit
Loan a Purple Zimmermann
Borrow a Zimmermann Utility Playsuit
$100 Rent ($495 RRP)
Zimmermann Red rental
Zimmermann Red for rent
Rental Zimmermann Lexi Slip Dress
Zimmermann Red to loan
$150 Rent ($795 RRP)

Clovelly, looking for the perfect dress for your next special occasion? Look no further than Designerex! We have a wide selection of designer dresses for rent that are perfect for any special occasion. Whether you’re looking for something elegant and classic or something more modern and edgy, we have something to suit your style. Our collection includes long, flowy dresses, chic cocktail dresses, and even stylish jumpsuits. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to look your best for your next event. Rent with us today and look your best in brands including; Alemais, Manning Cartell, Dior, Aje, and Bec + Bridge!


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Cinderella For A Night

Fantastic customer from start to finish! Excellent communication, fabulous condition of my dress and speedy return. Always welcome back!


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