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Formal rental Grey Zhivago
Zhivago Grey for hire
Zhivago Grey for lend
Borrow a Grey Zhivago
$100 Rent ($770 RRP)
Hire a Zhivago Bond
Zhivago Pink to lend
$155 Rent ($950 RRP)
Cheap designer Zhivago Twiggy Jumpsuit
Rental Zhivago Twiggy Jumpsuit
$115 Rent ($600 RRP)
Zhivago Blue to borrow
Rent a Blue Zhivago
Zhivago Blue to hire
$275 Rent ($900 RRP)
Zhivago Black for hire
Hire a Zhivago La Reine Noire Dress
$180 Rent ($595 RRP)
Zhivago White to rent
$200 Rent ($770 RRP)
Loan a White Zhivago
$145 Rent ($880 RRP)
Affordable Zhivago Hyde Sequin Mini Dress
Cheap designer Gold Zhivago
$235 Rent ($931 RRP)
Zhivago Black rental
Loan a Black Zhivago
Zhivago Black to loan
$230 Rent ($925 RRP)
Rent a Black Zhivago
Zhivago Black to lend
Cheap designer Black Zhivago
Designer rental Zhivago Once A Lifetime
Zhivago Black rental
Zhivago Black to rent
Zhivago Black rental
$225 Rent ($875 RRP)
Zhivago Other for loan
Zhivago Other to hire
Borrow a Zhivago Miles To Go Dress
$120 Rent ($765 RRP)
Zhivago Black to hire
Rental Black Zhivago
For rent a Zhivago Fairmont
$115 Rent ($550 RRP)
Formal rental Zhivago Little Havana
$105 Rent ($469 RRP)
Designer rental Zhivago Triple Play Midi
$155 Rent ($650 RRP)
Cheap designer Navy Zhivago
$150 Rent ($650 RRP)
Zhivago Pink for hire
$140 Rent ($495 RRP)

The Australian fashion label has seen its glamorous designs gain a cult following with trend setters jumping on every new collection. The brand is synonymous with eye-catching embellishments, plunging necklines and sexy cuts. Ensuring that you make a statement no matter the event. The brand has been spotted on many A-list celebrities such as the Khloe Kardashian, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Delta Goodrem, and so many more. Join the celebrities and wear your favourite Zhivago dress with Designerex. With Designerex, you can have designer dresses without the financial commitment and have the dress delivered directly to your door.

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