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Macgraw White to hire
Rental Macgraw Dress
Rent a Macgraw Dress
$125 Rent ($550 RRP)
Designer rental White Macgraw
Designer rental White Macgraw
$80 Rent ($485 RRP)
Macgraw Black to rent
$60 Rent ($295 RRP)
Hire a Black Macgraw
Rent a Macgraw Dress
$225 Rent ($895 RRP)

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A pleasure to lend to. No concerns!
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Cinderella For A Night

Thank you for choosing Cinderella For A Night and being a fantastic customer!! We hope you enjoyed wearing a treasure from our closet and we thank you also, for treating her kindly and returning so speedily. You're welcome back anytime!


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Kelly was a great hirer. Would be very happy to have her hire with us again anytime