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For rent a Yellow Hansen & Gretel
Rental Hansen & Gretel Carlos Dress
Hansen & Gretel Yellow for lend
$109 Rent ($399 RRP)
Rental Hansen & Gretel Odessa
Rent a White Hansen & Gretel
$110 Rent ($319 RRP)

The Sydney-based label creates womenswear pieces inspired by classic wardrobe styles. Founded in 2013, the brand’s precise tailoring and modern, minimalist sensibility evoke an inherently wearable aesthetic. Elegant and figure flattering, Hansen & Gretel’s dresses are just what you need to take you from the daily 9-5 to relaxed weekends with ease. Merging the worlds of art and style, the brand offers a collection that is charcterised by pared-back appeal and creatie flair. Utilising exotic prints and rich hues, the silk pieces emanate a subtle shine while other fabrics offer a tangible, touchable quality.


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Cinderella For A Night

Fantastic customer from start to finish! Excellent communication, fabulous condition of my dress and speedy return. Always welcome back!


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