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Affordable Black Ellery
Ellery Black to lend
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$145 Rent ($1200 RRP)
Designer rental Black Ellery
Rental Ellery Precocious Dress
Ellery Black for loan
$175 Rent ($2000 RRP)
Ellery Black to borrow
Hire a Black Ellery
Rental Ellery Icebergs Dress
$125 Rent ($990 RRP)
Ellery Black to borrow
Cheap designer Ellery Butler Mini Dress
$235 Rent ($1900 RRP)
Ellery White to borrow
Loan a White Ellery
Cheap designer Ellery Barnett Top
Ellery White rental
Affordable White Ellery
Rent a White Ellery
Affordable Ellery Barnett Top
$110 Rent ($1200 RRP)
Affordable Blue Ellery
Formal rental Ellery Cosmic Visor Dress
Ellery Blue for loan
$150 Rent ($1600 RRP)
Affordable Ellery Pallen Backless Dress
Ellery White for rent
Designer rental White Ellery
$265 Rent ($2600 RRP)
Ellery Other to rent
Borrow a Other Ellery
Ellery Other to lend
$375 Rent ($3300 RRP)
Rental Ellery Islington V Neck Dress
$185 Rent ($1650 RRP)
Rental White Ellery
Hire a White Ellery
Hire a White Ellery
$170 Rent ($1300 RRP)

From Perth, Western Australia, Kym Ellery studied fashion design and production in her hometown before making her way to London to attend the highly acclaimed fashion school, Central St. Martins. With this divine cocktail of Australian and European flare, Ellery’s avant-garde inspiration has been transformed into her designs and collections that have now gained international acclaim. Ellery strives to empower women through design with a decisive and innovative aesthetic. Based in Paris and made in Italy, the brand’s core signature transcends trends and promotes timelessness, re-inventing classics with a decadent approach centred on masterful cuts and unexpected details. Look no further than Ellery when browsing for what to wear to your next event.

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