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Balmain Pink to lend
Balmain Pink to hire
Rent a Balmain Pink Tweed Mini
Borrow a Pink Balmain
$515 Rent ($5500 RRP)
Rental Black Balmain
Designer rental Balmain Balmain Tweed Mini Skirt
$150 Rent ($1885 RRP)
Formal rental Balmain Boucle Midi
$525 Rent ($2800 RRP)
Loan a Balmain Balmain Dress
Rent a Balmain Balmain Dress
Cheap designer White Balmain
$360 Rent ($2150 RRP)
Balmain Black to loan
Balmain Black for lend
$399 Rent ($2750 RRP)
Rent a Balmain Boucle
$300 Rent ($2000 RRP)
Formal rental Balmain Logo Dress
Formal rental Other Balmain
Hire a Other Balmain
$375 Rent ($2550 RRP)
Borrow a Balmain Dress
Affordable Black Balmain
$125 Rent ($680 RRP)
Borrow a Black Balmain
Borrow a Balmain Fringed Dress
Designer rental Balmain Fringed Dress
$200 Rent ($2550 RRP)
Affordable Blue Balmain
Cheap designer Balmain Paisley Blazer
Rent a Blue Balmain
$525 Rent ($4200 RRP)

The French fashion house is renowned for an innovative approach to design. With a rich couture history, Balmain is all about luxe glamour, structured tailoring and a celebration of femininity. Designer Olivier Rousteing was brought on as Balmain’s artistic director in 2011. His collections usher in a younger, wilder aesthetic, while still referencing Balamin’s origins. Balmain’s signature look is all about the shoulders. Shoulder pads, cut-outs and definition feature strongly in each collection, from jackets to dresses. Rent or lend a Balmain dress for your next event. Whether it's a mini dress or floor-length gown, Balmain’s bold designs and dramatic shoulders make the perfect look for parties and events.

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I have rented a number of dresses through outfit of the day and they always provide great service and quick delivery thank you


(Johanna left a 5 star Rating)
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Outfit Of The Day

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Annalise was amazing and made sure my dress arrived on time for a Tuesday wedding. Thanks so much!
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